Information Overload Awareness Day – Year 2

Yesterday, October 20, was Information Overload Awareness Day.

Don't just stand there... do something!

If you are reading this column, you probably knew that already and you might have even been one of the several hundred people who attended the Information Overload Awareness Day Online Event.

When we first announced Information Overload Awareness Day last year, we weren’t sure if it would catch on.  The fact that CNN ran a “Happy Information Overload Day” piece yesterday proved, in fact, that it is starting to.

I’d like to thank the knowledge workers from across the globe who attended.  Many were with us for the entire four-hour event  Our speakers, in order of appearance (and we’ll have more on what they said next week) were Paul Atchley from the University of Kansas, Nathan Zeldes from IORG, Max Christoff from Morgan Stanley, Dan Rasmus, author of Listening to the Future, Oliver Brdiczka from PARC, and Cody Burke from Basex.

We took this opportunity to single out seven organizations for their significant contributions in the fight against Information Overload, bestowing upon them the Basex Excellence Award, or Basey.  We invited an executive from each company to sit on our Visionary Vendor panel, which preceded the awards ceremony.

The 2010 Basey awards went to seven companies, Comintelli, Gist, IBM, Liaise, Microsoft,, and Tungle.

Comintelli received a Basey for Knowledge XChanger and its content aggregation and role-based delivery capabilities, which ensure knowledge workers receive relevant, timely, and authoritative content.

Gist won for its inbox-based content aggregation solution that presents relevant information from disparate sources about a contact to the user.

IBM received the award for two tools created at the IBM Almaden Research Center: Mail Triage and Personal Tasks, a mobile tool that enables sorting, prioritizing, and deferring of e-mail to improve management of the inbox, and Topika, a solution for guiding knowledge workers to use the best communication and collaboration tools.

Liaise received recognition for its task extraction tool that ensures that action items and requests are not lost in inboxes by creating a to-do list based on e-mail content.

Microsoft received a Basey for innovations in Office 2010 that enhance the ability of knowledge workers to collaborate around documents, as well as for user interface improvements that streamline document processes for knowledge workers and standardize interfaces across applications. won for Salesforce Chatter and its ability to increase knowledge sharing and collaboration by providing centrally located aggregated information about accounts, deals, and colleagues;

Tungle received a Basex Excellence Award for, a calendaring tool that reduces the number of e-mail documents required to set up meetings and calls.

I would like to thank our corporate and association sponsors for their support.  Our Gold Sponsors included CubeGuard, IBM, and the Information Overload Research Group.  Silver sponsors included Feintuch Communications and VirtualPBX.

Finally, please start to Lower the Overload.

Jonathan B. Spira is CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex.  He can be reached at

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