Lotus Notes creator leaves Microsoft

Time to say good-bye

The departure of Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect and the creator of Lotus Notes, from Microsoft should not go without notice.  Ozzie will leave Microsoft after a transition period.  He became the company’s technical visionary after the retirement of Bill Gates but he is best known as the creator of Lotus Notes, a platform he built after helping develop Lotus Symphony while working for Lotus Development Corp.

Ozzie left Lotus in 1984 and started Iris Associates, where he created Lotus Notes.  Iris Associates was then acquired by Lotus in 1994 and Lotus itself was taken over by IBM in 1996.

After working at Lotus under IBM for several more years, he left the company and started Groove Networks, which also developed a kind of Collaborative Business Environment.  Groove was acquired by Microsoft in 2005 and Ozzie joined Microsoft as chief software architect in 2006.

David M. Goldes is the president of Basex.

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