Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Office Suites…

…But Were Afraid to Ask

We’re pleased to announce two reports focusing on the office suite and desktop productivity market, coinciding with Microsoft’s launch of Office 2010.

Which suite should I use now?

The reports, “Three Variations on a Theme: An In-Depth Analysis of Office Suites from Google, Microsoft, and OpenOffice.org” and “What’s New in Microsoft Office 2010,”  are intended for the manager who wants to understand the dramatic changes in the office suite market.

The two reports analyze the important new and updated features of Microsoft Office 2010, and compare the suite of applications to Google Apps Premier Edition and the OpenOffice.org Productivity Suite.

The report, What’s new in Microsoft Office 2010, is the industry’s first in-depth look at the new Microsoft Office 2010 suite, which consists of updated and redesigned applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mail, mobile work, meetings, and collaborative workspaces.

Three Variations on a Theme: An In-Depth Analysis of Office Suites from Google, Microsoft, and OpenOffice.org, is a complementary report that takes an exhaustive look at these offerings and judges them based on their ability to form the foundations of a Collaborative Business Environment.

We were admittedly hesitant about recommending an upgrade from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007 due to high training costs and a lack of a consistent interface and told many companies to skip Office 2007 entirely.

Now we need to examine the move to Office 2010 in an entirely different light.

A few issues managers should consider include:
- What’s really new in Microsoft Office 2010?
- How do the tools found in office suites enhance organization-wide productivity?
- What are the differentiators between the offerings and how will they lower costs, speed time to market, and increase your productivity?
- What are the strengths and weakness of the three office suite offerings?
- Fundamentally, which office suite offering is right for your company?

These two reports are available online to Basex:TechWatch readers at the special introductory price of $299 for the set.  A free executive summary is also available.

David M. Goldes is the president of Basex.

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