What Aspects of Information Overload Impact You the Most?

Information Overload is never far from our thoughts here at Basex but, with the cost of the problem looming at some $900 billion per annum, it’s sometimes possible to lose sight of impact this scourge has on each individual.caption

We’re trying to document individual experiences with and impact arising from Information Overload and would appreciate your help.

Please rate the top three factors or contributors to Information Overload (in terms of the impact on you personally) and tell us how and why they impact you and to what extent.  We will keep your response(s) private and anonymous.

Please e-mail your responses privately to ioanswer@basex.com and we will report back to you in the coming months.

Jonathan B. Spira is CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex.  He can be reached at jspira@basex.com

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