In the briefing room: Xobni Enterprise

The challenge for any new tool that fights Information Overload is to gain the legitimacy that is necessary to apply it in an enterprise setting.

How Xobni sees Basex Chief Analyst Jonathan Spira

How Xobni sees Basex Chief Analyst Jonathan Spira

Most large organizations have complex IT requirements that software must meet before it can be deployed, including centralized management and security.   Most important, the new tools must not suffer the unintended consequence of increasing the same Information Overload they are trying to fight.

We covered Xobni in the past, and the company received a Basex Excellence Award for its efforts in fighting Information Overload at the Information Overload Day Inaugural Event in August 2009.

Recognizing the need to move into the corporate market, the company recently released Xobni Enterprise.  The new offering is a new version of its e-mail and relationship management solution that is fine tuned for enterprise use.  Previously, installing Xobni was done on an individual basis, with no administrative controls.  The new release provides a corporate license and central administrative capabilities that allow Xobni to be deployed on a company-wide basis with oversight from IT.  A new Web-based administration portal enables configuration, deployment, and management of user permissions, policies, and enabled features.  For instance, a company may be fine with users having access to integration with FaceBook, but not Twitter, or vice-versa.

Search capabilities have also been refined: it is possible to search e-mail by sender, recipient, subject, and date by building a complex search query via a series of drop down menus that facilitate the filtering of results. Other enterprise-friendly features in Xobni Enterprise include support for standard policy settings such as those from Active Directory, the ability to create extensions for enterprise applications such as CRM systems and portals (extensions for and Microsoft SharePoint already exist), and integration of corporate profiles via LDAP.

The release of an enterprise-ready version of its e-mail and relationship management software  brings another tool for fighting Information Overload into an area that sorely needs it, larger organizations.  Tools such as Xobni work best when they are universally used within an organization, and this release enables effortless adoption in an enterprise setting. The challenge for tools such as Xobni is to not overload the inbox environment by pulling in too much content, but to strike a balance between access to information and access to the right information at the right time.

Cody Burke is a senior analyst at Basex.

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