Notes from the Road Warrior: Happiness is a Room with Free Wi-fi

This past week, I’ve been travelling in Central Europe, mixing business and pleasure. I’ve stayed at three hotels, the Loisium in Langenlois, Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), the Hotel Herrenhof in Vienna (which opened at the end of last year), and the Hotel Sifkovits in Rust, in Austria’s Burgenland province.DSC_2445 (Large)

Both the Loisium and Herrenhof are very modern, up-to-date hotels while the Hotel Sifkovits is older and more traditional. All three not only offered Internet access but it was free – and working.

The Loisium provided Wi-Fi access in common areas and wired access in guestrooms. The others were Wi-Fi throughout. I have only just arrived at the Sifkovits so I haven’t yet tested it fully but the connection at the Loisium was fast and simply requiring only a cable (available from the front desk if you don’t travel with one); the Herrenhof’s system required the entry of a user name and password every 24 hours (the front desk provides you with a card and you have to scratch off a strip to see the password).  My computer lost its connection several times and one card lasted only three hours but the front desk happily provided another card (reading me the login information over the phone to save time) and that did the trick.

The first part of the trip focused on Austrian Wine Country. You can read my journal and view photographs from the trip here. Then it was on to Vienna for my business meetings.

The slide show takes you through one day of the trip.

Jonathan B. Spira is CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex.

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