Putting All of Our E-Mail Eggs in One Basket: Gmail Down Once Again

I gave more thought to this column’s headline than I usually do (our editor-in-chief will heartily agree on this point, to be sure).  Others that came to mind were “Don’t Send a Boy to Do A Man’s Job” or possibly “You Get What You Pay For.”

Regardless of what the headline reads, the fact is that more and more people are relying upon a free e-mail service, Gmail, for business purposes.

When it fails, which it seems to do with alarming alacrity, Gmail users go crazy.  Yesterday, Gmail was down yet again, this time for almost two hours.

“I want to strangle someone” a senior executive at a large retail company said to me yesterday.  “I told you not to outsource your mail to a free service,” was my reply.

The last major Gmail outage was in February, unless I missed one since then.  This week’s would be the seventh major outage in one year.  Most of what my colleague David Goldes had to say then still holds, so in the interest of brevity, I’ll ask you to continue here.

Google blames the outage on a capacity miscalculation during server maintenance.  You can read what they had to say here.  But I implore you, please go there one at a time so we don’t overload their servers.

Jonathan B. Spira is CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex.

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