Google Breaks Microsoft Search?

The fun never ends in the Microsoft v. Google wars. Chris Vander Mey, Goole’s senior product manager for Google Apps, acknowledged that certain programs, such as Windows Desktop Search, that work directly with the outlook data file “don’t currently work well” with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook.

According to a  post by Vander Mey on Google’s enterprise blog, Windows Desktop Search will not properly index Google Apps Sync data files. In order to prevent indexing from running indefinitely, the Google Apps Sync installer disables it.

Microsoft’s Outlook product manager, Dev Balasubramanian, writing in an official Microsoft blog, said Apps Sync includes a “serious bug/flaw” which disables Outlook’s ability to search data such as e-mail and contacts.   He also provided a fix which involves editing the Windows registry, something many users may not wish to do.

Balasubramanian further stated that the problem impacts Outlook’s search capabilities, not just Windows Desktop Search because Outlook search “relies upon the indexing performed by Windows Desktop Search.”  Google contends that Outlook search will work even if Windows Desktop Search does not.

David M. Goldes is president and senior analyst at Basex.

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