The New York Times’ Ironic Piece on Blogging

The New York Times’ coverage of rumor-mongering in blogs is perhaps well intentioned but ultimately the article is as flawed as the concept of printing pieces masquerading as news articles without the benefit of fact checking.

The fact that the writers of posts touting the possibility of Apple purchasing Twitter (which was completely unfounded) suspected the story was false and didn’t care does little to advance the cause of bloggers.  The fact that the Times journalist, Damon Darlin, seems to celebrate news gathering without fact checking – given recent events in the New York Times’ own history – is nothing short of irresponsible.

Bloggers (whatever that term actually means right now) claim they want to be recognized as a form of legitimate media but a formal admission that “‘Getting it right is expensive’ [but] ‘Getting it first is cheap’” is the modus operandi does little to advance the cause.

Jonathan B. Spira is the CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex.

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