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How to Connect Your Enterprise

Last week at LiveLinkUp 2007, Open Text announced Enterprise Connect, a solution aimed at improving the user experience in enterprise content management.  Based on .Net and Web services architecture, Enterprise Connect aims at simplifying the knowledge worker’s life.

Enterprise Connect allows knowledge workers to work with content through customizable business views from within familiar desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.  Further, advanced application assembly is possible by knowledge workers who do not have significant programming experience.  By integrating all applications, solutions, and processes under a single user interface, Enterprise Connect provides knowledge workers with the tools to build what Basex refers to as Collaborative Business Environments by following the principle of the One Environment Rule (where the knowledge worker is able to work with all applications in one overarching environment).  Open Text created Enterprise Connect with the typical knowledge worker in mind, adopting a tagline of “Easy to Learn, Hard to Forget.”

Much of our research on knowledge worker productivity and work preferences has shown that workers generally have a desire to manage their own workspace and customize tools in order to improve their efficiency and productivity.  Managing these knowledge worker preferences and work tendencies is a challenge for managers because of the security implications of giving the knowledge worker independence in managing their own software.  Enterprise Connect is a method of allowing the knowledge worker to customize the tools but within the security of Livelink ECM10.  With version 1 of Enterprise Connect to be released in December,