Our recent look (as well as Part II here)  at messaging and slogans prompted an unusually high number of e-mails from Basex:TechWatch subscribers.  Here are a few we thought you might want to see.

Hi Jonathan,
I read your commentary every week.
As a professional with a social science background working in the technology arm of a biotech firm.. your weekly summaries are extremely valuable in keeping me up to date.
When I read your piece on slogans and then the request to submit ones that I find memorable.. I couldn’t help but jump at the change to share Genentech’s slogan  “In Business for Life”.

One of my enduring favorites is Alka Seltzer:  “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.  Oh what a relief it is.”
I think you may have mentioned it before, but I keep using Timex’s slogan half a century later: “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

I enjoy reading your weekly commentary.  I have a memorable experience with a slogan.  I used to work for a bank in the 1980′s called Ameritrust.  Once we had a meeting and were shown two commercials for our new ad campaign:
“Ameritrust – The Shortest Distance.”  The concept was that Ameritrust could help you achieve your financial goals in the shortest time.  One of the commercials showed someone playing a trumpet.  I remember the look of bewilderment on everyone’s face after the commercials played.  They just didn’t seem to be about banking.  We were handed t-shirts with the new ad campaign slogan and the meeting was over.
The bewilderment must have been contagious, because the TV ad campaign ran less than a week, then disappeared.  And it was never mentioned again, like it never happened.  I decided to call it : “Ameritrust – The Shortest Ad Campaign.”
I still have the t-shirt.

Here are a few slogans that I think are pretty good:

  • “Be all you can be.” (The Army)
  • “The few, the brave, the Marines.” (The Marines)
  • “Quality is Job 1.” (Ford)

Jonathan B. Spira is CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex.

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