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What We’ve Learnt from Our New Workplace Survey: Week 1

The New Workplace survey has been underway for ca. one week.  Several hundred people have already participated – if you haven’t, please go to http://www.basex.com/officesurvey.  We will send you an executive summary of our findings after the survey with our compliments, and one lucky survey taker will win a new Microsoft Zune digital music player.

Although it’s too early to draw conclusions, here are some interesting facts.

Survey takers come from every walk of life, from elementary knowledge worker to CEO, and from almost every industry one could imagine.

Not surprisingly, ca. 96% of respondents use e-mail and word processing regularly.

60% have told us that their work is completely autonomous, while 46% said their job is all about creative thinking.

The war stories survey respondents are contributing to questions asking how they have used software to make themselves more productive, tell us that human ingenuity is alive and well in an age of cold, faceless technology.

Make sure we hear from you – and please tell your friends and colleagues to participate as well.