The New Year Brings KWIQ to the Enterprise

A new year is a tabula rasa, full of possibilities.  It is also the time to reflect on what could have been, as well as what will be, in Collaborative Business Knowledge.

As an analyst, I hear more than my fair share of what “will” be, some of which never materializes.  I also hear from end users about what works, more often about what doesn’t work, what their companies are deploying, and what issues they come up against as they deploy Collaborative Business Environments.  Frequently, managers enquire as to what impact they should expect when deploying a CBE.  Until recently, my colleagues and I found it difficult to nail this down.  Yes, vendors speak of lower costs, greater productivity, faster time to market, but how might one scientifically measure one CBE against another.

To that end, Basex has created the Knowledge Worker Impact Quotient, or KWIQ.  KWIQ allows prospective purchasers to understand better and to predict how a Collaborative Business Environment may impact a company and its workers. Specifically, it is the measure that describes the range of positive impact a Collaborative Business Environment can be expected to have on a knowledge worker.  The higher the KWIQ rating, the better a company’s chances of improving the bottom line, either as a result of costs savings or from improved profits.

Of course, as the fine print always says, “your results will vary” from one environment to another – the same product deployed in different companies will have different impact levels.  You, dear reader, will see KWIQ in Basex reports designed to help managers decide between various CBK tools.  We hope it will be helpful.

My New Year’s resolution is to open more channels to our readers so we can better understand your issues.  To start that off, I would like to invite you to submit your greatest issues and challenges for 2004 for discussion.  Simply click here and type away.

Jonathan B. Spira is CEO and Chief Analyst at Basex.

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